Our Services

Our Services

Vessel Management and Fleet Operational Support

Vessel Owner Operators continue to search for ways to lower operational costs while maintaining the highest possible level of performance and safety they and their clients demand. Our experienced ship-management team works for you on your behalf to support achieving that goal together.

Oceans Marine Management LLC has a broad expertise and rich background in Operational and Project Management in the following:

  • Offshore Supply Vessels.
  • Service Offshore Vessels.
  • Drilling Units.
  • Flotels.
  • FPSO.
  • Heavy-Lift.
  • Sub-sea Construction Vessels.
  • Pipe-lay Vessels.

From project inception to completion and operational management, Oceans Marine Management LLC can offer unique turnkey solutions to our customers.

Crew Management

Oceans Marine Management LLC assigns crewmembers in all positions. We pride ourselves on maintaining a pool of highly experienced national and international crews from across the globe.

We offer experienced and professional crews that clients deserve.

We Help With

  • Deck Officers, DPOs and Deck Ratings.
  • Engine Room Officers and Ratings.
  • Crane Operators and Riggers.
  • Camp Bosses and Galley Staff.
Project Manage & Supervision

Project Management and Supervision

Oceans Marine Management LLC's project management team works together with our client to ensure their project exceeds their expectations from project inception to completion and throughout the asset's life-cycle. Our customers' success is our success.

We Help With

  • Newbuild Supervision.
  • Dry-dockings & Refits.
  • Conversions & Upgrades.
  • Reactivations.
  • Flag Change.